Manufacturedd from logs that are 55< cm in diameter, divided into three lengths:

- 206 - 255 (doors)

- 256 - 309 (short panels)

- 310< (long panels).




- A+ (pure veneer, no errors, light uniform colour, width: 15<, frieze)

- A (lighter in colour, bundles with one coloured knot per longitudinal meter, width:12<, with slight signs of half-crown)

- A/B (bundles with slight discolouration and wood-coloured knots, width: 10<, half-crown up to 1/3 of the bundle width, with a fine longitudinal mirror)

- B (bundles with stronger, dark veins and knots, width 9<, frieze and half-crown, with longitudinal mirror up to 1/2 the bundle width)